17 05, 2023

Viña Costeira Ribeiro


The wine of choice. The Ribeiro par excellence.

Producer: Viña Costeira
Vintage: 2022
Country: Spain
Region: Galicia
Appellation: D.O. Ribeiro
Variety: Treixadura, Torrontes, Albariño, Godello and Loureira
Color: White

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17 05, 2023

Viña Costeira


D.O. Ribeiro
Galicia | SPAIN

The wines of Viña Costeira belong to the oldest Designation of Origin (DO) in Galicia and, probably, one of the oldest in Europe: Ribeiro DO. Among the historical riches of Ribeiro wines is the varietal diversity. Far from having the level appearance of a monoculture, the different varieties turn the landscape of the Ribeiro region into an amaze tapestry and provide the wine with incredible combinations of nuances and aromas.

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6 04, 2023

Mineral del Montsant


A small project of 3 hectares

Producer: Cara Nord Celler
Vintage: 2020
Country: Spain
Region: Cataluña
Appellation: D.O. Montsant
Variety: 84% Cariñena, 16% Garnacha
Color: Red

Mineral del Montsant2023-04-06T21:53:45-05:00
6 04, 2023

Cara Nord Celler


D.O. Montsant
Catalunya | SPAIN

Cara Nord was created by 2 people, joined over 20 years by their friendship and their passion for wine: Tomàs Cusiné and Xavier Cepero. They had many years of experience in the wine industry, and in March 2012 decided to start a winemaking project together.

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11 12, 2022

Edetaria Selecció Negre “El Mas”


Heart and soul in our own way.

Producer: Edetaria
Vintage: 2018
Country: Spain
Region: Cataluña
Appellation: D.O. Terra Alta
Variety: 60% Garnacha Peluda, 30% Garnacha Fina, 10% Carignan
Color: Red

Edetaria Selecció Negre “El Mas”2023-04-06T21:51:03-05:00
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