Pago de los Capellanes
Brotherhood Winery
Finger Lakes & Paso Robles
New York & California | UNITED STATES
When legend becomes fact, the old Hollywood adage goes, print the legend. For Brotherhood Winery, which produced its first documented vintage in 1839, legend and history intertwine. Its stories have been told and re-told, gaining scope and dimension. Some have been exaggerated beyond recognition.
In the story of Brotherhood, Robert Bedford sets the record straight, and explores the remarkable past of the country’s oldest winery. The book celebrates nearly 175 years of captivating history and commemorates its owners and stakeholders who contributed to the winery’s longevity through loyalty, perseverance, innovation, and sheer imagination.
A remarkable collection of rare images vividly illustrates the evocative text, stories, and anecdotes as well as the facts with over 350 photographs, labels, documents, memorabilia, and advertisements. Culled from private and public collections, and carefully restored by the author, most of the images and documents have never been published before or seen outside of Brotherhood Winery.