Dominio Basconcillos
D.O. Ribera del Duero
Castilla y León | SPAIN
Dominio Basconcillos is an impressive family owned property located in Ribera del Duero Designation of Origen, in Spain. We are pioneer in the development of sustainable viticulture at highest altitude for more than 20 years and produce fine signature wines, both conventional and organic. Dominio Basconcillos has an ALTITUDE of 3200 ft. oversee level. We are one of the largest vineyards at high altitude (124 ac all together) not only in Spain but in all Europe/Old world. Altitude produces wines with higher acidity are more aromatic, with higher sanitary level and with a significant phenolic load. Slow maturation in these conditions develops intense aromas and produces fine, elegant and fruity wines.

Our award-winning portfolio includes premium wines that feature exceptional craftsmanship, and international appeal from our classic DO range of Vina Magna Roble, Crianza and Reserva, to our Dominio Basconcillos ecologic and the new release called “Finca de Altura” (translated “Estate at Height”). This is a contemporary expression of Tempranillo produced at high altitude. The estate-of-the art winery was designed on the Chateau concept where all the vineyards are planted around the winery to have a meticulous care of vineyard and a safe traceability from the vine to the bottle. DB´s culture of detail and limited productions offer unique experiences with new international, genuine and exclusive signature wines.