Pago de los Capellanes
Voix de la Vigne
A.V.A. Mendocino County
California | UNITED STATES
Housed  in a fully modern winemaking facility in Dundee, Oregon, Voix de la  Vigne wines are made by French-born winemaker Bruno Corneaux.
The  wines are crafted to express the purity of each grape variety. These  are elegant wines, with no use of new oak, and relatively low alcohol levels.
The grapes  are sourced from a variety of vineyard sites from both volcanic and  sedimentary soils. These vineyards are under the viticultural control of  Bruno Corneaux and his team.
Voix  de la Vigne wines are dressed up to evoke classics from the old world.  The label is not only pleasing to the eye, but serves also as an indication of what the buyer can expect from the wine.
The  intent is to ‘speak’ to the wine buyer who is interested in wine of  elegance and finesse- the hallmark of the Voix de la Vigne brand.